Green Is The Very Best Colour!

Going green is great! It’s great for the environment of course, with fewer pollutants contaminating our water, air and beautiful green planet. But it’s great for you as well. The cleaners we get in the supermarkets are filled with hazardous chemicals that are great for killing bacteria and the balance of your body and mind. Remember to think of your environment as an extension of your body – and think about what you are putting onto the surfaces and into the air of your home.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first that natural cleaning products could work well as the “heavy duty” cleaners.But I found that these natural products not only clean just as well, they smell so much better!Now I’ve become so sensitive to the smell of cleaning products, it’s just awful to be in a wonderful restaurant and be bombarded by the toxic odors from their harsh cleansers.

Going green does not have to mean going broke! After all people did it before the industrial boom didn’t they? You can make your own cleaning products very easily by using ingredients you probably already have on hand. Not only will you end up saving tons and tons of money, you also help cut down on packaging by re-using the same spray bottles and containers over and over again.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– White Vinegar
– Baking Soda
– Liquid dish soap
– Tea tree oil
– Spray bottles and glass jars

Mold Killer:
White vinegar all by itself can kill about 80 percent of mold! Just pour it in a spray bottle and shoot the moldy area and let it dry by itself. It’s a bit of a strong smell, but it goes away in a few hours.

Fill up a spray bottle with mostly water and about 5 percent white vinegar. Use this to deodorize your cutting board in the kitchen. It also helps to get rid of pet smells when cleaning the litter box.

Going Green should not be an added effort at all. It’s small changes that you make in your daily routine like carrying a cloth grocery bag to avoid plastic bags or putting your phone on airport mode to charge it faster and save electricity.

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