Giving Feels So Much Better Than Receiving!

It is so easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. No time to smell the flowers, to enjoy the sunshine on your face, to find inspiration in the awesomeness of nature. But where are you rushing to? What is it that you have to do that is very urgent that you can’t even stop for a second to pet a puppy or enjoy the whisper of the wind in the trees? What good is the haste, the waste and the tension? And how does this always-on-the-go with no-time-for-family affect our children?

Living in the here-and-now, taking every day as it comes, slowly walking the meandering path to inner peace and tranquillity, so goes the chant of many peaceful religions like Buddhism. The wisdom behind these teachings is unmistakable. Today science proves, without doubt, that the way to a healthy and long life is through meditation, exercise and lower stress work environment. To be aware of all that goes on around us, of the situations we encounter, the people we meet and the love and compassion that we feelis our first step forward. Did you hear about the Harvard University Study that proves that just 8-weeks of mindful meditation will make you happy, healthier and most definitely wiser as it also increases our grey matter ie. The brain cells!

Take today to be kind and helpful to one person whom you don’t know. How does it make you feel? Try doing this at least once a day. Think of it as your “good deed for the day”!

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