Giving a Massage in AYURVEDA

When giving a massage, you need to be aware of this, and focus on giving loving, caring energy to your partner. Be careful to keep the person’s Dosha in mind, and his or her preferences in relation to pressure and temperature. Think good thoughts, and keep your vibrational level high. Massage is a service, and it should be offered to your partner as a heartfelt gift. Breathe deeply. After the massage, it is a good idea to restore your energy by relaxing yourself a little bit.

Some general Rules to keep in mind when giving a Massage:giving massage

  • Warm your hands by rubbing them together.
  • Use an oil to lubricate your hands to avoid friction or irritation.
  • Be gentle on the parts of the body that are more thin.
  • The feet may be massaged more vigorously, and for a longer time.
  • If there is hair on any part of the body, massage in the direction of hair growth.
  • Use plant-based oils only. Mineral oils do not get absorbed by the skin and can actually be irritating because they prevent the skin from breathing.

Massage balances all three Doshas, and is particularly healing for Vatas. There are many different oils you can use, depending on the season, and the dosha of the person you are working on. For Vatas, warm the oil to body temperature, be generous with your portions, and use gentle, firm strokes. For Pittas, the oil should be slightly cool, use a moderate amount, and keep your touch light and soothing. For Kaphas, you may use a dry massage, or use just a small amount of warm oil. Kaphas can take a stronger touch, a more deep massage.

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