A Massage A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

I have always found Ayurveda a perfect mix of regime and wonder. I know, I know it sounds so paradoxical! But it’s true. On the one hand there’s the guidelines to dietary habits, exercise, meditation & self-care. On the other hand there are little wonders like A Massage A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

According to Ayurveda, massage can help us looking and feeling both Youthful and Healthy. It gives a beautiful luster to the skin, and tones and relaxes the muscle tissue. Massage improves circulation and thus increases body heat. It also helps the body to release toxins and removes stiffness from the joints, improving nerve supply to the organs and all parts of the body. Massage can improve our concentration, increase our stamina, and make us feel more active and energetic. Ayurveda recommends we do a Self-Massage (abhyanga) every day.


Abhyanga is a self massage which is good for keeping all the Doshas in balance. It helps moisturize the skin, helps to release toxins, and also helps to tone the muscles.

The massage can be done in the morning before your shower, or in the evening before bed. Start by warming the oil to skin temperature, and drizzle a small amount of oil into the palms of your hands. Ideally the massage should start with the head and end at the feet.

Massage the top of your scalp (on days when you wash your hair), pay particular attention to the circumference of your ears, and the soles of your feet. Massage with long strokes on your limbs, and round strokes on your joints. A firm pressure should be applied on extremities and a light to very light pressure should be applied to neck, abdomen, heart area, face, eyes and forehead. The perfect duration for an Ayurvedic Massage is anywhere between 5-15 minutes daily and longer on weekends. It’s best to leave the oil on the body for 15-20 minutes before washing it off in a warm shower or bath.

The choice of Oils should be as per your Dosha and the area to be massaged.
Oils According to Dosha

Sesame, almond, avocado

Coconut, sunflower, ghee

Mustard, corn and olive

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