Exercises: Beginning

Features of optimum level of Exercise:
women aerobic exercisesAYURVEDA tells us that Perspiration on the forehead is one sign that we have had enough exercise. Perspiration on rest of the body is bound to happen and is fine, but once it starts appearing on the forehead, it is best for us to stop.
Ayurveda also advises to stop exercising when we feel we have reached about 50-75% of our capacity. We don’t want to wear ourselves out. When we do this we can naturally increase our stamina over time. we should never exert ourselves so much that we have to gasp for breath.

The amount of exercise also depends upon the climate. In hot weather and in summer in general, the exercise should be lighter. It should not be done immediately after food or completely empty stomach or when we are feeling sick or feeling weak.
Harmful effects of excessive Exercise:
If exercise is done excessively then it causes tiredness, exhaustion, depletion of body fluids and body tissues, excessive thirst, vitiation of blood, breathing difficulties, cough, fever, giddiness & vomiting/nausea.

Benefits of Exercise
Ayurveda explains many benefits of exercise when done properly. exercises
– Exercise nourishes the body, improves lustre and shape of the body.
– It brings about lightness in the body and removes laziness.
– It increases stamina to do both physical and mental work.
– It increases strength and stability of the body.
– It increases the capacity to bear stresses like cold & heat, and fatigue.
– It balances the doshas.
– It helps make digestion stronger.
– It helps with overall health.
– Exercise cures twenty types of Kapha diseases like anorexia, drowsiness, laziness, excessive sleep, heaviness of the body, sweet taste in the mouth, indigestion, hardening of the arteries & obesity.
– Exercise is the essential component of the treatment of diabetes mellitus and obesity as per ayurvedic texts.

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