Exercise as per Your DOSHA

Selecting Exercise as per your Body Constitution (body type)
One of the most basic principles of Ayurveda is that we have our own unique body-mind constitution with distinctive features and behavior patterns. What makes you different from others is your different needs for your personal balance, including the way that you exercise. The important thing is that physical exercise should enhance your strength, and add to your relaxed, balanced & blissful state.
The following Guide lines for the three major Body Types will help you to achieve this Goal.

The most significant feature of a Vata body constitution is constant motion. Be it physical activity or a mental exercise. Vatas love being active and thus enjoy exercise. The other feature of a Vata personality is change. They want change in the routine or to change the activity all together. Vata also have a low endurance level and hence exercises that require lot of strength and perseverance are not good for Vata. In an aggravated state, Vata personalities will show lot of irritability, aches and pains, insomnia & anxiety. In this case, a more calming exercise routine is advised to soothe the sore muscles and calm the nerves.

Pitta Personalities are warriors with a strong sense of competition and a desire to excel. So obviously they love to have activities that require competitive interaction with others. They are happy competing with themselves also by building on their intensity and endurance. Pittas are muscular & athletic in their built and they do well in high endurance sports and exercises.

Kapha personalities are marked by inertia, endurance and stored energy reserves. They need stimulus to get moving. They are more comfortable playing team sports where they do not have to move a lot. But they can be cajoled to take up more strenuous exercises and once they warm up to it, they start enjoying the activity as their endurance level is high. They are benefited immensely by any aerobic work.

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