10 Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life!

Ayurveda really has an answer for any and every question you might have, be it for the body, the mind or the spiritual self that I like to think of as the soul. When it comes to the well being of your physical shell, it is important to sleep right, wake up on time, drink enough water, bathe everyday, dress right and most important of all – Eat Right.


Here are my 10 Eating Habits That
Will Change Your Life!

  1. Eat only as much as your can digest.
    Eating too much or too little will disturb your digestive fire. It is important to only eat as much as you can digest in 6-8 hours.
  2. Fresh and Hot!
    Always eat a freshly cooked warm meal with the right amount of fats.
  3. Only Eat When You’re Hungry.
    Food should only be consumed when the earlier meal has been digested.
  4. Sweet and Sour are a No No.
    Always make sure that there are compatible food combinations in the meal.
  5. Pace Yourself.
    Not too fast, not too slow. When eating this is the perfect motto to keep the digestive fires burning.
  6. Distraction Kills Digestion.
    Concentrate on your food when eating and avoid all side activities like talking, laughing, watching T.V. or reading a book.
  7. Only Eat What You Want.
    Your body knows what it’s lacking. And it knows exactly what to eat to avoid deficiencies and disease. Just give your body what it wants, in moderation of course!
  8. moderate_food

  9. Moderation is Key.
    There are some foods best eaten in moderation ie. once in a while! Do not consume pork, beef, black lentil, fish and oats daily or eat yogurt at night.
  10. daily_food

  11. Daily Eats.
    Red rice, green lentils, rock salt, ghee, milk, pure water, honey and lean meats of animals reared in open farms can be consumed daily.
  12. Divide It Right!
    In life as in food it is very important to get the proportions right! In Ayurveda, 1/3 of the stomach should be solid food items, 1/3 liquids or gravies and the last third empty for an effective digestion process.
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All these guidelines help us choose the most suitable foods as per our unique constitution and optimally use them to nourish our bodies and achieve a balanced state for our doshas. Choosing right can be tricky and hard and might not be something you really want to do. But answer me this: Isn’t it worth it for a happier world and a healthier life?




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