DOSHAS in the Ages

In general, our constitution, otherwise known as our DOSHA, or Mind-Body type, doesn’t change much. When we are in Balance, we have the same proportion of Vata, Pitta and Kapha that we were born with. However, each age has its own dosha, and we are influenced by that dosha’s traits during these times in our lives.

Childhood has all the qualities of Kapha. This “season” of our lives lasts from when we are born until about age 20 or so. As children, we are more Kapha-like. childhoodWe may have a little bit of baby fat, we’re more calm and carefree. We place an emphasis on friendship and love to be cuddled.
Children go through a stage where they are very possessive. They identify things as “mine!” They don’t want to share. They hoard their toys and start collections. These are Kapha traits. As parents, and teachers, we understand that this is a part of their growth process, and gently teach them how to get along with others, how to relate better with other people.
When we are children, it might take longer for us to learn things, but once we learn them, we never forget. When we’re very young, we take a lot of naps, and sleep long hours at a time. Then we go through another stage as teenagers where we sleep a lot, too. This is all very Kapha-like behavior.
Kids also tend to get a lot of colds, especially during the pre-school years. Colds & congestion are Kapha imbalances. Getting kids on a Kapha routine during these times helps to balance them out.

Sometime around age 20 our Pitta nature starts taking over. We might be in college, or just entering the working world, and our ambition becomes important to us. We become blondemore competitive, we want to get ahead. We start thinking about money, and wanting those luxury items like fast cars.
At this age we are very busy building our careers, we are super work-oriented. We’re in the thinking and planning phase of our lives. We’ve got this fire burning inside us, so we’re a little more aggressive in going after what we want. We can be impatient.
This is the time when we use our intellect more than any other. We’re also strategizing & positioning ourselves. We look at where we are and where we’re going.
As a part of this planning stage, we’re also looking for our lifetime partner. We’re discerning in this process, sorting out our priorities. We have lots of Choices to make, but we know what we Want – or at least we think we Do!

Then at about age 40 Vata comes strongly into play, womanand we become more Vata-like as we grow older. We start noticing that we don’t remember things as well. At this age, our attention is also divided between work, family, community and other responsibilities, so we naturally have more on our minds.
As we get older, more of Vata’s physical ailments present themselves, too. We may begin to have digestive problems, and our hearing may get a little worse. All these things are the effects of more Vata present in our system. This is the time for us to adapt our Diet & Exercise programs to include more Vata foods and activities.

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