Because we each have all five elements in our physiology – Air, Space, Fire, Water, Earth – we also have all three DOSHAS presented, just different proportions. Yet each of us is unique, and individual, there are no two people alike, and no two Mind-Body Types exactly alike.

Our “Dosha” is like our Fingerprint, and weindividuals might find that two of the Doshas express themselves strongly, and sometimes all three express themselves equally.
The Dosha combination that we are born with is our perfect state of balance, and this is known as our Prakruti. The dosha we exhibit at any particular time, when we may be out of balance in some way, is our Vikruti.

Basically, when we are out of Balance we want to make Lifestyle adjustments to bring ourselves back into our natural state of balance so that we can be our Healthiest and Happiest. And being in balance not only means being healthier and happier, but also being the Best Person YOU Can BE!

To determine your Ayurveda Mind-Body type, start by taking the Dosha Quiz. This will tell you which Dosha is dominant for you: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

P.S. to your Eternal Health & Happiness

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