Don’t Let Your Stress Bring You Down!

Don’t we all have plenty of reasons to be stressed these days? Everything seems harder, more expensive or just plain exhausting. We’re always competing for a job, a place in the line, to be the first to own the new iPhone, to always be the best. By the end of the day you feel like you haven’t slept in weeks and your body has been beaten and bruised.

This feeling of weariness is just the beginning. Without proper care, stress can trigger allergic reactions and skin disorders. In fact stress can be the underlying cause of many diseases and afflictions. So we really, really need to get our stress levels under control.

But how?

AYURVEDA has no many lovely remedies for lowering our stress and calming and revitalizing us. My favourite is meditation and massaging. We can do lot more than just these two to counter our stress and be enveloped in a feeling of quiet peacefulness, like avoiding caffeine, sleeping on time and exercising everyday even if it’s just for 20 minutes.

But for me, meditation works beautifully in helping me clear my mind, relax my body and unclutter myself. And now there’s scientific proof! A recent study by Harvard University proves that there is a marked difference between the brains of those who meditate regularly and those who do not. Meditation really does lower stress, rejuvenate the mind and increase our “grey matter”!

And of course who would ever say no to a massage! According to Ayurveda, Abhyanga, a self-massage with warm oil is the perfect way to keep stress at bay. The very act of massaging takes away any tension and toxis that have built up and helps to relax the body and mind. The massage can be done in the morning before your shower or in the evening before bed.

Why not set up a daily Abhyanga routine before or after work?

Start by warming the oil to skin temperature and drizzle a small amount into the palms of your hands. Massage the top of your scalp (on days when you wash your hair) paying particular attention to the circumference of your ears and the soles of your feet. Massage with long strokes on your limbs and round strokes on your joints. Give yourself enough time after the massage so you can leave the oil on your body for 20 minutes before washing it off in a warm shower or bath.

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