Common Ailments of the Oral Cavity

AYURVEDA explains in detail about the ailments occurring in the upper part of the body which forms a separate branch in itself just like ENT diseases explained in modern system of medicine.

Here is a list of common diseases of the oral cavity & their treatment:

a) Bad Breath:
Foul breath can be very embarrassing and is mostly a result of indigestion.
To take care of indigestion, chewing a clove after every meal for some days improves the digestion, takes care of acidity and cures bad breadth.
Alternatively 1 tsp of fennel seeds can be chewed after a meal along with a few grains of sugar candy crystals. Rinse the mouth with warm water afterwards.
b) Tastelessness or altered/ bitter taste in mouth:
Cut a lemon into half and sprinkle a pinch of black pepper powder and 2 pinches of black rock salt over it and warm it up on a hot plate lightly (cut surface downwards). Suck upon it slowly. It normalises the taste of the mouth & increases appetite.
c) Cold sores, or mouth ulcers:
This is due to increased Pitta
– Soak 1 tsp of turmeric powder in water for 5-6 hrs. Decant the water and use it for rinsing
– Rinse with tea made from peels of pomegranate or leaves of guava.
– Take Triphala at bed time with warm water for a week to reduce Pitta.
d) Chapped lips:
– Apply cream of milk and a pinch of turmeric over the chapped area overnight. Wash by the morning
– Apply mustard oil or clarified butter (ghee) over the naval overnight.

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