Breathing Exercises for your DOSHA

Breathing deeply and correctly not only makes you more alert, lively and relaxed but also increases your exercise endurance and performance. Once you have selected the exercise, then give some time to increase the capacity of your lungs to increase the flow of ‘Prana’ the Life Force (or the oxygen as we know it today).

breathTake a deep breaths through nose only as this way the remotest of the alveoli of the lungs get infused with ‘Prana’. Sit on a chair or on a mat cross legged and keeping your back and neck straight breathe deeply through your nose. Your abdomen should rise as you take the air in and should go in as you breathe out. Do 10-20 such cycles trying to increase the depth of the breath as you inhale. Use some force to expel all the air out of the lung every time you exhale. But do not strain. Feel the relaxation.
This is a warm up breathing exercise for All Body Types. Other specific breathing exercises for different body types can be balancing.

For Vata body type in addition to the warm up breathing exercise. Alternate nostril breathing can be very useful to calm the aggravated Vata and also helps to concentrate on the exercise routine. BreathingIt should also be done in balanced state of Vata.
For Pitta body type, after an initial warm up exercise, cooling breathing exercises called ‘Shhetli’ and Shheet- kaari’ can be performed to cool down the aggravated Pitta. Alternate nostril breathing can be performed in balanced state of Pitta.
Kapha body types, after warming breathing exercise should do few rounds of forced exhalation breathing exercise called Kapal-bhati. It warms up the body, increases the circulation and removes inertia experienced by Kapha personalities. It can be done for 5-10 minutes in aggravated state of Kapha and for 2 minutes in balanced state of Kapha. People with recent eye, abdominal or chest surgeries, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and hernia & pregnancy, should avoid doing Kapal-Bhati.

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