Yoga Poses for your Body Type

Each Yoga Pose has a definite action on the body types by influencing the sites of the dosha accumulation โ€“ lower abdomen for the Vata, naval region for Pitta and stomach and chest for Kapha. Yoga poses can relieve the body of accumulated gas in the large intestine to balance Vata. They can, relieve congestion of blood and promote flow of bile through liver and gall bladder into the intestine to balance Pitta. And they can also promote the expulsion of mucus through the chest and nose to balance Kapha.

Yoga Poses aimed at restoring the Natural state of Doshas have specific effects. The Yoga poses for Vata calm the nerves, relax the muscles, and relieve the stress and make the person more grounded. The exercises directed towards Pitta, balance the circulation and improve the digestion, and induce coolness, patience and calmness. The exercises directed at Kapha increases circulation, removes congestion from chest, makes the body lighter, and the mind more alert.
The Yoga Poses for Beginners to balance specific Doshas are listed as under:



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