When You Want To Hibernate This Winter, Exercise Instead

Here we are so close to the first day of winter! We can see nature slowing down around us.  Trees drop leaves and rivers freeze, at least in the Northern hemisphere.

Winter Exercise Ideas

So because we are part of nature we get a bit sluggish too.  Our circulation gets slower, our lymph gets thicker, our digestion is not as fiery.  As a result of this slowness, we begin to feel exhausted, run down, sleepy.

Entertainment is less of running on the beach and more laying on the sofa binge watching multiple seasons of TV shows in a week on Netflix. We find ourselves considering chocolate with nuts and dried fruits as a meal containing at least three food groups – milk, fruits and protein.

Gradually, as the holidays begin to pile on top of each other we also feel the winter pounds piling on. So it is time to get the sluggish kapha self off of the couch and into movement so that we do not face yet another “I’m going to lose 10 pounds” resolution.

The thing about exercise in the winter and especially during the holidays is that it has to be fun.  Let’s be honest, there is no way a party is going to be trumped by going to the gym.  So try to find fun ways of integrating exercise into the next two months of your life.

Winter Exercise Ideas

Think long walks in nature followed by the bribe of hot chocolate, skating, skiing or dancing. Anything you find fun and unique to the season are great places to start.  Try to do something that both builds muscle to help burn fat and increases circulation. Add a cardio challenge to help you release those yummy calories!

If you are into defying gravity and like to do things that make you feel like a super hero try out TRX. It’s my new favorite method of training that utilizes your own body weight.  It’s a great way to combine cardio and weight training into one exercise and makes you look ultra cool in the gym.

Being active during the winter will help keep off those extra pounds. It will also keep the flow of circulation and lymph going, which will help prevent colds and flu.

So make exercise fun and make it frequent with these winter exercise ideas. As a result of your efforts you’ll enjoy pleasant health this winter and a lively spring!


I have been in the healing arts for the past 20 years. I started learning yoga at the age of 12 and was fascinated with our body, our mind and our aura! I went to India at the age of 22 and studied yoga, classical dance and Ayurveda. My bliss is helping people find harmony in all areas of life so they can strive to fulfill their higher mission on this planet!


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