Vetiver Oil And Lime Elixer For Stress

Vetiver Oil And Lime Elixir For Stress + Recipe

Welcome Beloved, pull up a seat and let me help you unwind. I know that there are times in life when you just feel like you need an escape. Sometimes life gets so hectic and there is so much going on around us and within us, that we don’t know how to just let go. Well, let me hand you my little bottle of magic! I have a few drops to share.

My elixir for stress is a beautiful essential oil blend of Vetiver oil and Lime oil. It’s carried gracefully in olive oil to my third eye and deeply massaged until I feel my nerves relaxing. Create this simple oil blend using the recipe below, take a few deep breaths and apply.

This combination of oils is out of this world.

Why Vetiver Oil + Lime Works Well For Stress

Vetiver is an herb that is cooling and helps to relax the nervous system. It’s cooling nature helps to reduce anger, grief or stress. As the scent and energy of this herb sink into your forehead you will begin to feel like a veil of confusion is being lifted. All that was upsetting will seem to slip away.

The balancing and invigorating energy of lime helps invoke feelings of hope and curiosity. The olive oil is grounding and soothing.

So in combination, vetiver oil and lime helps clear the mind, ground the emotions and bring you into a state where you can see hope again.


  • 5 drops Vetiver Oil
  • 5 drops Key Lime Essential Oil
  • 1 ounce olive oil


  1. Combine oils and pour into a clean, dry vial.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and apply one drop to the center of the forehead.

I have heard great feedback from my clients who suffer with anxiety, ADHD and who live very stressful lives. Many of them wear an essential oil vial on a necklace so that they can apply this oil a few times during the day.

I am so excited to share this beautiful elixir with you. I hope it brings you the peace and joy that it has brought me and many of the people I know and love.


I have been in the healing arts for the past 20 years. I started learning yoga at the age of 12 and was fascinated with our body, our mind and our aura! I went to India at the age of 22 and studied yoga, classical dance and Ayurveda. My bliss is helping people find harmony in all areas of life so they can strive to fulfill their higher mission on this planet!


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