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Spark Your Agni! 12 Practical Tips For Improved Digestion

Agni is an Ayurvedic term meaning “digestive fire.” When Agni is in good supply, you feel well and your digestion is strong. For improved digestion and to increase Agni, it is best to eat meals at the same time every day. Breakfast should be light, lunch fairly substantial, and dinner light and eaten early.

What You Can Do For Improved Digestion

For improved digestion and to increase agni, keep in mind the following tips.

  • Ghee, or clarified butter, is great for increasing agni, and restoring proper digestion.
  • Ginger, as a tea or as a spice, is commonly used for poor digestion or to increase appetite.
  • Cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper are recommended to aid in digestion.

Ayurveda offers the following guidelines to everyone who wants improved digestion.

  • Sit down while you eat. Eat in a quiet atmosphere. Focus on the food; do not read or watch TV as you eat.
  • Don’t rush through meals or linger over them too long.
  • Eat meals at approximately the same times every day.
  • Stop eating before you are completely full. Don’t overeat – the stomach should be 75% full, not stuffed.
  • Allow approximately 3 to 6 hours between meals for digestion.
  • Eat when you are hungry or when the stomach is empty.
  • Sip warm water or juice with meals. Drink milk separately from meals, either alone or with other sweet foods.
  • Avoid ice-cold food and beverages.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes after eating.



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