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The Power of Digestive Fire

When it comes to digestion, Ayurveda opens up a whole new world of revelations and realizations – revelations about the way your digestive system works with you as a whole and realizations about many ways you can take control of your body through natural ways and remedies. Your digestion is the most critical part of health care. And Ayurveda tells you it is not about just the perfect working of your liver, or just eating a ‘healthy’ diet or just doing certain exercises, it is about you consciously finding the best, holistic balance in your lifestyle for yourself.

Digestive Fire or Agni influences your digestion which, in turn affects the speed at which you age, your mental performance, your emotions and much more!

How Digestion Affects Aging…

Slow digestion can result into a slow metabolism at the tissue level as (the digestive fire nourishes the tissue fire which in turn governs the metabolism, this leads to faster degeneration of the tissues with deranged replenishment and excretion of wastes, leading to faster ageing.

How it influences your mental performance / health…

If your digestive fire is affected, say, is irregular (Vishama Agni) for example, it produces Vata, that leads to anxiety and impulsive behaviour. Hyperactive Digestive fire, produces more of Pitta leading to aggression and Slow Digestive fire, which produces more of Kapha, produces recluse and lethargy.

Digestion and your bones…

Digestion can also affect bone health. If irregular digestive fire, produces Vata, that leads to the wear and tear of bones, the aggravation of Vata can cause Vata bone disorders like Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, as Vata has an affiliation with bones. Hyperactive Agni, produces more of Pitta leading to acidic blood, as Pitta has an affinity towards blood and can cause inflammation in joints and precipitation of uric acid in bones causing gout.

Slow Digestive fire, which produces more of Kapha, affects blood plasma which causes bone diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and stiffness of joints.

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