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Ayurveda’s Natural Treatment For Low Thyroid (Underactive Thyroid)

Ayurveda's Natural Treatments For Low Thyroid (Part 2)

Ayurveda’s natural treatment for low thyroid or underactive thyroid is quite different than the standard treatment prescribed by western medicine. Ayurveda first determines the underlying root cause before recommending a natural, personalized treatment plan. People with low or underactive thyroid present with similar symptoms however variations occur from person to …

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Thyroid Autoimmune Disorders: An Ayurvedic Perspective

The most common causes of thyroid dysfunction are the autoimmune conditions known as Hashimoto’s disease, which causes the thyroid gland to become underactive (hypothyroidism), and Grave’s disease, which causes the thyroid gland to become over-active (hyperthyroidism). In both these scenarios, the immune system begins to attack the cells of the …

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