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Pakvashya Gata Vata- Understanding the condition and its management

Pronounced as: Puk-vah-sh-i-yah  Gah-tah  Vah-tah Vata dosha affects the different tissues and organs of the body and can cause various diseases. To understand the condition of Pakvashya Gata Vata, we need to understand the meaning of  ‘Pakvashya’, ‘Vata’, and ‘Gata-Vata’. ‘Ashya’ in Sanskrit means ‘an abode’. The word ‘Pakvashya’ has …

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After 4 Months, Woman’s Knee Pain ’75-80% Gone’ (Case Study)

By Vedika Global Anchor Teacher Vaidya Abhijit Jinde, B.A.M.S. Ayurveda believes that all disease and afflictions are caused by an imbalance in an individual’s prakriti, or “physical and mental constitution.” Ayurveda’s approach is to put the client back into balance by recommending changes in diet and lifestyle, and for more advanced cases, …

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