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Six Top Ways To Support Your Digestion

Our bodies require a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to process food properly.  That means, we should sit down to eat without watching TV, reading newspapers, working at the computer or doing any other distracting activities.

Eating while sitting and without distractions allows the stomach to settle into a relaxed posture and enables the mind to focus on the design, ingredients, taste, texture, and smell of the meal. Mindful eating like this greatly benefits digestion and nutrition absorption.

Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Digestion

1. Avoid drinking ice cold water and eating cold foods.
It causes stagnation of the Agni, digestive fire.

2. Don’t combine cold drinks and cold foods with warm cooked foods.
It can cause indigestion such as bloating, cramps and other digestive discomfort symptoms.

3. Drink one hour before and after your meal.  Not earlier.
If you fill your stomach with too much fluid before or after a meal, you literally extinguish your digestive fire.

4. Sit down for your meal.
Don’t eat or drink on the go. And you guessed it, eating in the car while driving is also a bad idea.

5. Rest laying on your left side for 10 minutes after each meal.
This simple practice allows the stomach and pancreas to hang naturally, allowing for healthy digestion through proper production of digestive enzymes. If laying is not a possibility, you can alternatively opt to take a short, moderate “digestive” walk.  Such movement, which is not too vigorous, is highly supportive for digestion.

6. Chew fennel seeds or drink fennel tea after your meal.
Fennel will beat the bad breath, soothe the digestive tract, prevent the formation of gas, and boost metabolism.  Doesn’t that sound great?

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Jitka Robinson, ALC is a NAMA ­registered Ayurvedic Health Counselor, holistic health and lifestyle coach, Kripalu yoga teacher, and certified Reiki therapist. It is her passion to blend Ayurveda, yoga and Reiki in her Ayurvedic consulting practice, holistic health coaching, and group educational workshops to make the healthy lifestyle and diet accessible to others. Jitka specializes in disease prevention, chronic stress and anxiety management, women’s health, digestive disorders, weight management, and seasonal cleanses.


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