Recipe For A Healthy, Juicy Love Life + Ayurvedic Rejuvenative Post-Sex Tips

Living a healthy balanced lifestyle includes pleasure. The pleasure of enjoying a tasty meal, the fragrance of flowers, the beauty of a sunset and the sensual sensations and pleasures of touch. Pleasure increases your physical and emotional wellbeing and in Ayurvedic terms, your ojas.

“It is the Ojas which keeps all the living beings refreshed nourished and refreshed. There can be no life without Ojas”. ~ Charaka Sutrasthana

For the purpose of this article think of ojas as your immunity, health, longevity, nourishment. What keeps you juicy and sweet. Consider ojas as the joie de vivre.

Too much of a good thing however depletes your ojas. Too much stress, travel and even excessive sex can wear down ojas. As sex is one of your basic needs, an important part of your well being and a pleasurable way to spend your time let us look at ways to rejuvenate your ojas post-sex. Preserving your ojas is the very essence of longevity and life.

 “Ojas as the colour of ghee, in taste it is like that of honey, in smell it is like that of fired paddy.” ~ Charaka Sutrasthana

Try these Ayurvedic tips to get your juices flowing and build up your Ojas. Remember like increases like. Anything that resembles ojas will increase ojas.

Add A Little Ghee

Add a small spoonful of ghee to your meal. Ghee is sweet and nourishing just like Ojas. Have a jar of organic ghee on your kitchen table and simply add it to your finished meal before eating.

Have Some Honey

Honey is sweet, sticky and, according to Charaka, tastes like ojas. Add a teaspoon to your tea when it is cool enough to drink (never cook honey).

Warm Milk Rejuvenative

Enjoy a glass of warm milk (including cow or nut especially almond) as a rejuvenating post-sex drink. Even better add a small teaspoon of ghee, a pinch of saffron and a bit of cardamom.

Sweet Basmati Rice Pudding

Enjoy a sweet rice pudding. It is the perfect dish to rebuild depleted ojas.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenative Herbal Supplements

Add a herbal supplement to your routine: Ayurveda recommends Ashwagandha for men and Shatavari for women as a rejuvenating herbal supplement. Ask your health practitioner for details.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Finally avoid factors that may lead to unhappiness and worries. Worrying is depleting for your ojas and immunity. Instead notice what gives you energy rather than depletes you.

Welcome, I am Anja an eternal Yoga student, a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner. I am dedicated to a continuous study, practice and teaching of both Yoga and Ayurveda - the philosophies and the practical application in daily modern living. I believe Yoga and Ayurveda (the traditional Indian medicine system) is about balance. We can integrate these ancient sciences into our daily modern living as a philosophy and way of life as well as exercise, diet and lifestyle. It’s not about restrictions but about living fully and vibrantly.


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