How Understanding Mind Body Types Can Benefit You

Ayurveda helps you achieve a body and mind which works in balance. When this is achieved, it radiates throughout the body. When your body is attuned to your innate nature with a proper diet and lifestyle then you can easily maintain good health. Understanding Ayurveda’s mind body types can really benefit you. How?

By being mindful of your own mind body type and of others, you can help achieve a balanced and harmonious world. If you have a deeper understanding of people with dominating Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas, then you can help them achieve health and have better relationships. You can also get rid of the stress and anxieties that destroy your sense of “balance” and bring wellness into your life.

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What You Can Do

Ayurveda has a flexible approach to wellness and promotes well-being. Anyone can incorporate Ayurveda into their everyday life, whether at home, at work or practically everywhere.

The following are benefits that the understanding of Ayurveda and mind-body types (prakruti) offers everyone.

Benefits Of Knowing Mind Body Types

Relationships Improve

Mind body types helps you understand people in your home. If you are a parent, practicing Ayurveda will help you understand why your children behave the way they do. Also, it helps you better understand your spouse, siblings, parents and in-laws.

You will benefit from understanding yourself and your spouse better. You will understand and appreciate their mental processes and attitudes. Often, having a deeper understanding of their body types will bring compassion for them and often we therefore find better ways of dealing with them in those “sticky” situations.

Don’t know your dosha or Ayurvedic body type? Click HERE to take the FREE Quiz.

Helping Others Is Easier

In relation to diet and nutrition, an understanding of the mind-body types will help you know what food will work for your friends and family and what will not. For example, a person with a dominating Vata dosha in her or his body will experience more anxiety or agitation from eating salads. So what is best food for him or her to eat? They will typically benefit from foods that are warm, moist and slightly oily.

Practicing Ayurveda will help you prepare more suitable meals that will promote balance and wellness to your loved ones.

Activities Make Sense

Knowing what kind of exercise is best for yourself or your family members will also be a great help. For example, Kapha types need to jog, run and do a lot of vigorous exercise whereas a Vata type needs to undertake gentle, relaxed exercise.

Don’t know your dosha or Ayurvedic body type? Click HERE to take the FREE Quiz.

Dress For Your Type

Ayurveda covers almost everything, including the color of clothing. For example, blue or green colors are soothing for individuals with more Pitta dosha in their bodies, compared to bright red color.

Find A Career That Suits You

Knowing your mind body type will also help you find suitable work and career. In life, success and happiness at work is important as most people spend a third of their lifetime with it. Hence, with the use of Ayurveda, it is highly recommended that you know what work and career soothes your body type.

Choose Companions Wisely

Perhaps surprisingly, Ayurveda can also help in choosing pets for your children and loved ones. You can match what pet is suitable for you. For example, my own child with a bit of Vata perfectly matches a Labrador dog. The dog’s Kapha energy helps to anchor the child’s energy when she is anxious. A Jack Russell, with its Vata energy may not have been a good companion pet for her as the chances are, both would be jumping off the walls together with their nervous energy.

Don’t know your dosha or Ayurvedic body type? Click HERE to take the FREE Quiz.

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Neerja Ahuja is Principal Consultant and Director, Ayurveda Awareness Centre (AAC). She is a trained consultant, therapist and classroom facilitator for courses run by AAC for nearly two decades now. Neerja leads regular educational seminars and workshops including cooking demos and weekend residential Ayurveda Retreats for nurturing and healing.


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