The Perfect Late Summer Ayurveda Meal, According To Your Dosha

Say you were at an imaginary scrumptious yet simple late summer Ayurveda buffet in the middle of an August day. It’s hot outside, yet the rains can be chilly. You’re a Vata. How do you lay out your plate of food?

It’s hot; you’re sweating profusely. You’ve got a Pitta constitution. What do you choose to put on your plate? It’s hot. You’re a Kapha who only eats two meals a day. That plate of food is precious. What do you put on it?

The buffet includes dal (legumes/protein), rice (carbs), subji (spiced veggies), condiments and a salad bar. It being an Indian establishment, you have the chance to come back for a wholesome rice pudding or mango custard if you like. You want to keep your doshas balanced. What would you choose?

A healthy Ayurvedic meal includes all six tastes of sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent.


Balanced Vata Plate

The balanced Vata plate could look like this: 20% dal, 30% rice, 20% subji, 5% cooked cilantro chutney, 10% spiced yogurt raita. The last 15% is invested on the Indian rice pudding.

Healing tastes for Vata: sweet 40% (including carbs), sour 15%, salty 15%, pungent 15%, bitter 10 %, astringent 5%


Harmonious Pitta Plate

The harmonious Pitta plate is: 25% dal, 15% rice, 20% subji, 30% salad that includes sunflower seeds. They start their meal with 10% serving of mango pudding.

Healing tastes for Pitta: sweet 35%, sour 10%, salty 5%, pungent 5%, bitter 30%, astringent 15%


Wise Kapha Plate

The wise Kapha plate has: 20 % dal, 5% rice, 25% subji, 40% salad, 5% spicy cilantro chutney. They also choose dessert first, a 5% serving of mango pudding with a slice of fresh ginger.

Healing tastes for Kapha: sweet 15%, sour 10%, salty 5%, pungent 15%, bitter 40%, astringent 15%


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