How To Know If You’re A Vata Body Type

Your true Ayurvedic constitution does not change over time. Each of us has a unique combination of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha within us that is unequivocally our own.

According to Ayurveda, our constitutions are established at conception, cemented at birth, and remain stable throughout our lives, serving as a personal reference point for optimal health, informing who we are at the most fundamental levels. Though imbalances may occur due to improper diet and lifestyle and climatic changes one’s constitution tends to remain stable and unaltered.

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How To Know If You’re A Vata Predominant Person

Vata individuals are typically very tall (or sometimes very short), very thin, and are often underweight. They generally have protruding joints and scanty dry hair.

They have the qualities that many people associate with air – changeability, mobility and dryness. They are unpredictable, energetic and enthusiastic. They generally have poor memory and concentration. They can also be impulsive and don’t keep friendships or relationships. The Vata mind tends to be restless, and even a bit scattered.

They have irregular appetite and often tends towards constipation. They often  have a very hard time falling asleep and tend to sleep the fewest hours of anyone. Vata types are short on stamina and need to be careful not to over-extend themselves.

Do you know your Ayurvedic body type? Take the free quiz for instant results!

Arya Krishna is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, educator, and speaker. She completed her Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Amrita School of Ayurveda, Kerala, India. She is registered as an Ayurveda doctor (Reg No: 14664) under the Indian Medical Council. She received a Fellowship in Orthopedic Rehabilitation from Apollo group of Institutions, Hyderabad. An editor with the International Ayurvedic Medical Journal, she previously served as the associate editor of the American Ayurvedic Journal of Health. Before moving to the US in 2015, she was Resident Medical Officer (Ayurveda) in AyurVAID hospital, Bangalore and has knowledge and experience in precision and evidence-based Ayurveda. She was an Ayurveda Domain expert with Health Connect 24 – a unique platform to bring together Ayurveda, Yoga and swadeshi. She is efficient in performing all Panchakarma procedures (purification therapies) and has knowledge of Marma Therapy. Other areas of expertise include Ayurveda diet and lifestyle, women’s health, and rasayana (rejuvenation). She works for the promotion and propagation of Ayurveda by offering lectures, webinars and contributing to various journals. She is a resource person for the Council of Ayurveda Research (CAR) and is an Ayurvedic blogger with Mother Earth Living. Currently, she is residing in Danville, Pennsylvania and is listed as a BAMS doctor with AAPNA (Association of Ayurveda Practitioners of North America). She is an Ayurveda Consultant and Educational coordinator with Be Mind Body Skin, New Jersey and Subject Matter Expert at At Home with Ayurveda, UK.


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