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Imbalance of Vata Dosha And Osteoporosis

It may be easier to understand how Vata dosha causes osteoporosis by looking at two examples from nature. 1. Erosion of a mountain through constant wind. 2. Desert storms: When flow of air is increased tiny particles of sand are displaced.

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If properties of Vata Dosha are increased it leads to:

  • Over Dryness: Over dryness can lead to break down (cracks), prone to minor fractures. Because of dryness particles cannot stay connected.
  • Low Weight: Weight bearing capacity decreases so one is prone to fracture.
  • Coldness: Increases pain.
  • Harshness: Decreases viscosity of bone.
  • Fineness: May cause degeneration of bone.
  • Mobility: Indicates speed of the Dosha or imbalance, due to which rapid degeneration may occur.

However, Kapha Dosha And sometime Pitta Dosha are also responsible for osteoporosis by different pathology. Agni (Digestive Power) and state of Pakwashay (Duodenum) also plays a role to some extent in the pathology of osteoporosis.

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Sandeep Kale, BAMS, DYA, is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and assistant professor with the department of Rognidan Avum Vikritivigyan of Sumatibhai Shaha Ayurved College, located in Pune, India. He reviews the International Journal of Drug Research and is the assistant editor of Satyanveshanam Today, an Ayurvedic research journal. He has written many Ayurveda related articles for both local press and International Research Journals. His private Ayurved practice is located at ShivSamarth Ayurved Clinic, Pune, India


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