Yogurt Ayurveda Health Benefits: How To Make Homemade Yogurt + Digestive Lassi

Yogurt: Ayurveda Health Benefits + How To Make Homemade Yogurt AND Digestive Lassi

Yogurt is Amla Rasa (sour taste) in Ayurveda. It undergoes sour taste conversion after digestion. Ayurveda recommends homemade yogurt in cases of constipation, diarrhea, bleeding disorders, nutritional disorders and to increase strength and immunity.

Yogurt pacifies Vata dosha. It generally aggravates Pitta and Kapha however fresh homemade yogurt pacifies Pitta. Yogurt is the only fermented food recognized by Ayurveda as sattvic. Ayurveda recommends daily usage of freshly prepared yoghurt. It should be consumed the same day it is made.

Other Health Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt has lactic acid bacteria that enhances B and T cells which build up our body’s immune system. Yogurt also works as an aphrodisiac and offers various benefits related to sexual health. Yogurt has properties that are beneficial for the hair, such as proteins and vitamin B5. The protein content present in yogurt strengthens and moisturizes hair and removes annoying dandruff. Lactic acid provides soothing and moisturizing effects on the skin, making the skin soft and nourished. It is also the best remedy for sunburn. It can be applied to reduce pain and redness on the affected area.

Yogurt For Babies

Yogurt made from cow’s milk can be the best for a baby. It is a delicious and healthy first food for baby as it is full of calcium which is needed for strong bones. Yogurt also contains an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals that can be good for the baby. Because of the baby’s growing process, the protein is easily digested by the young baby’s stomach.

Make sure to consult your pediatrician before you administer yogurt to babies. Ideally it should be given after 6 months only.

How To Make Homemade Yogurt

1/2 L (about 2 cups) of fresh, full fat milk
1 Tbsp yogurt starter


Take a clean container in which the curd can settle. Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt starter (store bought) and whisk until smooth. Boil the milk and let sit until lukewarm. Pour the warm milk into the container. Use a whisk to mix it properly. Cover it with a lid and keep it in a warm place. Wait for the yogurt to set for at least 4 hours. For a thicker, more tart yogurt let it sit over night. The exact time will depend on the culture used, temperature and the thickness desired. When the yogurt is set transfer it to the fridge or serve fresh.

How To Make Digestive Lassi

1/4 cup homemade yogurt
1 cup water
salt, to taste
ground ginger, 1 pinch
ground cumin, 1 pinch
black pepper powder, 1 pinch

Blend together all the ingredients and drink at room temperature.

This recipe is good for relieving gas and bloating.

Arya Krishna is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, educator, and speaker. She completed her Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Amrita School of Ayurveda, Kerala, India. She is registered as an Ayurveda doctor (Reg No: 14664) under the Indian Medical Council. She received a Fellowship in Orthopedic Rehabilitation from Apollo group of Institutions, Hyderabad. An editor with the International Ayurvedic Medical Journal, she previously served as the associate editor of the American Ayurvedic Journal of Health. Before moving to the US in 2015, she was Resident Medical Officer (Ayurveda) in AyurVAID hospital, Bangalore and has knowledge and experience in precision and evidence-based Ayurveda. She was an Ayurveda Domain expert with Health Connect 24 – a unique platform to bring together Ayurveda, Yoga and swadeshi. She is efficient in performing all Panchakarma procedures (purification therapies) and has knowledge of Marma Therapy. Other areas of expertise include Ayurveda diet and lifestyle, women’s health, and rasayana (rejuvenation). She works for the promotion and propagation of Ayurveda by offering lectures, webinars and contributing to various journals. She is a resource person for the Council of Ayurveda Research (CAR) and is an Ayurvedic blogger with Mother Earth Living. Currently, she is residing in Danville, Pennsylvania and is listed as a BAMS doctor with AAPNA (Association of Ayurveda Practitioners of North America). She is an Ayurveda Consultant and Educational coordinator with Be Mind Body Skin, New Jersey and Subject Matter Expert at At Home with Ayurveda, UK.


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