Five Tips to Detox and Rejuvenate Before, During and After the Holidays

Holidays are a great time to enjoy with family and friends. Yet in modern days it becomes a ‘sickness season’ due to overindulgence, lack of sleep and stress of hosting.

Here are my simple five tips to keep you healthy and rejuvenated.

1. Start your day with coconut oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic trick to detoxify.

Right after you wake up, swish in the mouth and between the teeth one tablespoon of coconut oil for five to ten minutes. Spit out in the waste basket. It will help remove the bacteria and plaque from the mouth. It will also keep your gums healthy and your teeth ‘smile ready’ shiny for your guests. Brush your teeth after the oil pulling.

2. Drink warm lemon water after oil pulling and brushing.

You can continue drinking warm lemon water throughout the day if desired.

3. Add beetroots and asparagus to your diet.

Both help flush toxins from the body. Adding them to your holiday menu will help you and your guests stay healthy.

4. Take a media break and spend time with your family + friends instead.

Our senses are bombarded with various media gadgets. Holidays are a great time to shut off your computers, TVs and screens and interact positively with fellow human beings. Try it at least for one or two days during or after the holidays.

5. Try to maintain a regular sleep routine and end your day with warm almond milk with saffron.

During the holidays, we tend to sleep late and wake up late. While it’s okay for a couple of days, it throws our body’s rhythm off balance if continued for a week or so. Try to stick to the routine or get back to it as much and as soon as possible. A warm cup of almond milk with saffron may help you sleep better.

Wish you all a very happy and enjoyable holidays. May the holidays be Holy Days for you all!


Notes: Oil pulling should be done with caution during pregnancy. If you have any concerns about oil pulling, do it for a shorter time. If you are allergic to almonds, switch to regular milk or coconut milk and drink warm with saffron.

Manju Joshi, MA, ERYT500, Diploma in Health and Nutrition, Ayurveda and Holistic coach. Co-founder of Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center in New Jersey. Currently residing in Austin TX. Sharing classical Yoga and Holistic living with the community since 1991.


  1. Nice blog. The detoxification before the rejuvenation treatment is necessary. Many popular Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatment centers providing detoxification and rejuvenation treatments. For more details, visit:

  2. Thank you very, much, for sharing the post with such information. I am going to bookmark this page for future use. I have got great knowledge from your post.

  3. Sorry about that Manju. Those interested can read Astanga Hrdayam Sutrasthana Chapter 2 for basic details on ordering of dinacharya, and Chapter 5 of the same, slokas 55-56 and beyond for the details on proper oils to use per what I have already stated above. Happy holidays, may the light of truth find its way to us all.

  4. Thanks Frank for taking time to comment. By the way my name is not Manuja but Manju.

    Happy Holidays.


  5. Thank you for the response Manuja. A lot I could respond to in your comments but will refrain for now as I would be curious what your references are for this information you present or under what physician you have done your clinical studies with that informs such work past anecdotal findings ( I have many anecdotal findings of things that people think are healthy but are not per shastra/ proper medicinal teachings as well). And on the yoga side technically yogic meditation does not calm the “ripples in the mind”, that must already be present for meditation to even be considered to be occurring, but that is a whole other technical subject to get clear about. And yes these are sciences but of a very different order than what most people know as science and how the two interface is still a big question.I am not offended by the detox word, but think we must be careful in our choice of words and understandings in order to represent these models sufficiently and appreciate your engagement on the topic.

  6. Namaste!

    A few more points to add to my comment above:
    Detox: I use the term to anything that rids the toxin from the body-mind. There are Yogic practices such as Shudhi Kriyas, certain yoga poses and ayurvedic oil massages that purify the body and mind. Practices such as meditation calms the mind by ridding the ripples caused by thoughts.So Frank, i am sorry to see that you are offended by the Detox term.

    observing food fast or media fast reduces toxins from electronics and food. certainly,all this is part of ayurvedic detox routines.

    Coconut Oil: A lot of research going on-on the benefits/side effects of coconut oil.
    Ayurveda is a science. science is always evolving and open to new findings. So I try to adapt new research based on scientific data while respecting and preserving the ancient wisdom. coconut oil has many benefits, and i myself have seen many in my own life as well as that of my family/students.
    Narayan, hope this answers your question regarding Coconut oil.


  7. Hi Frank and Narayan

    Thank you for your comments.

    Although, Ayurveda recommends sesame oil, it is Hot or ushna in quality and may not suit all. a good quality coconut oil is far less expensive than sesame or almond oil and is generally tolerated by many. there are many theories regarding how to do the oil pulling, I practice and suggest the most logical one. Brushing after the oil pulling removes excess plaque, food particles surfaced after the oil pulling.

    Detox is a general term that I use to encourage people to eat more local and seasonal, natural food over fast or junk food. Although the term Detox is often misused or overused by commercial minded, it is still a good reminder that certain ‘Food could be toxic and there are natural food that can rid of accumulated toxins from the body’.

    Frank, pl. note that my recommendation of lemon water is for the Winter Holiday season. lemon water in general, in my experience is safe for year-round.if you have any research to suggest otherwise, pl. post it.

  8. Manuja,

    Coconut oil is not recommended unless specifically prescribed by an Ayurvedic physician for anything. Sesame is the only generall use oil in Ayruveda. The proper process would include brushing the teeth first and doing your oil swishing after. Also lemon water should not be prescribed across the board nor is it for every season. You may also want to be careful with the word “detoxify” which is not really what Ayruveda does. This term is quite loaded and you might want to read up on it. I posted an article below, there are many more like it. I hope this helps.

  9. Can I ask why you recommended coconut oil for oil pulling?

    Many thanks


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