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Did you stop that sneeze?

We willingly or unwillingly to suppress our natural urges as they are considered against etiquettes to relieve them in public and embarrassing as such.

Also, due to the modern day desk oriented work culture and due to busy schedules some of these urges are suppressed or simply ignored. But according to Ayurveda, they subtly cause aggravation of Dosha particularly the Vata Dosha, which in turn is the initiator of many different disease pathologies. If the natural urges are ignored for a long time they can cause serious debilitating and even fatal diseases.

Treatment of the immediate and long term disorders caused due to the suppression of the natural urges:

  1. Treatment of disorders due to suppression urge to urinate aims at pacifying the Vata and also to facilitate its downward movement and also to facilitate proper urination. This include fomentation at the level of bladder with a towel dipped in hot water or a water bottle, and if the whole lower body is to be treated, sitting in hot water tub filled with hot water or medicated, consumption of medicated ghee to pacify Vata, and use of special enemas and also administration of medicated oils through urethra.
  2. Treatment of disorders due to suppression of urge to defecate aims at pacifying the Vata, facilitate its downward movement and also that of the accumulated faecal matter. This comprises of fomentation and massage  all over the body in the direction of the hair  and on the abdomen in the clockwise direction, use of medicated suppository, enemas and use of herbs that break the built of hard stools and bring them out.
  3. Treatment of disorders due to suppression of urge to ejaculation of semen/vaginal secretion includes first the Pacification of Vata followed by facilitation of the formation and  movement of the semen/vaginal secretions. This include massage, tub bath of lower part of the body using different mediums like water, or medicated decoctions, use of wines for relaxation and to promote happiness, chicken’s meat, use of seasoned rice and milk, and indulging in intercourse.
  4. Treatment of disorders due to suppression of urge to pass flatus is done aggressively as it could be a cause of many other diseases. So to pacify the Vata and to facilitate its downward movement, use of oil  medicated oils internally and externally  in the form of massage followed by fomentation, use of medicinal suppository, medicated and enemas and diet having foods  which promotes the downward movement of Vata are done. Food which contains some fats like oil or ghee along with salty and sour tastes help in downward movement of Vata.
  5. Treatment of disorders due to suppression of urge to vomit, unlike the conventional medicine, aims at bringing out the Doshas that the body is trying to throw out. So the first treatment is to induce vomiting immediately after giving a light meal of semisolid/liquid  food (so that the Vata does not get aggravated and the blocked Dosha of Pitta and Kapha that were stopped from coming out are stimulated to come out. After induction of vomiting, medicated cigarettes are smoked by the patient and this is followed by either fasting or a very light meal after the appetite returns. To take care of the Pitta disorders affecting the blood that result in rashes etc. bloodletting is advocated. To take care of the related Kapha disorders, food that are dry in nature (which also pacify Pitta) like popped rice is given. Doing mild exercise at this stage also help to pacify the Kapha Dosha. And to take care of the residual Doshas (both Pitta and Kapha) a mild purgation can be given. Not to say it is advised to give easily digestible food for some days before gradually coming to normal diet.
  6. Treatment of disorders due to suppression of urge to sneeze targets region above the collar bones as sneeze involves vitiation of the upper going type of Vata called Udan Vata . This includes massage on the region above the collar bones, as this is the region of the Udan Vata.

This can be followed by steam inhalation, medicated smoke inhalation through nose, instillation of oil into the nostrils. All these methods are aimed at pacifying any irritating focus in the nose also to calm the Vata that gets aggravated in the area above the collar bone. As a prophylactic to further aggravation of Vata, Vata pacifying foods and intake of ghee after the meals is advocated. The purpose of giving ghee after food is very interesting and shows the research and logic used by the ancient ayurvedic physicians. It is given after meals because the Udana Vata is active in this time of digestive process and facilitates the activity of ghee ( the Vata pacifying and strengthening  effect) to enhance the strength of the upper part of the body.  

Deepak Bhanot, BAMS is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner with 20 years of experience. He specializes in dietary and lifestyle consultation as per one's Prakriti. He has an advanced specialization in Nutrition and Health Education as well as Preventive and Promotive Health Care. He is a certified Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Acupressure therapist.


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