Case Study: Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease)

“I would like to present a case to illustrate my approach to treating inflammatory bowel disease: Russell was a thirty-two-year-old male with severe ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks the colon, leading to inflammation and loose stools. Despite being on the anti-inflammatory drug ‘mesalamine’, he still …

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Gluten Intolerant? You Don’t Have to Be! (Energy Feed #15)

The Ayurveda Experience Blog

Do you have trouble digesting gluten?  (Or dairy?  Or other types of foods?) While eliminating the “problem” ingredients from your diet—the ever-popular modern way of responding to food sensitivities—can relieve your symptoms, it does nothing to relieve the root problem. The biggest problem isn’t the gluten; it’s your digestion. Gluten …

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