Practitioner To Practitioner

Ayurveda At A Crossroads: Critical Questions For Today’s Ayurveda Community

Hitāhitam sukham duhkham āyustasya hitāhitam mānam ca tacca yatroktam āyurvedaḥ sa ucyate “That is said to be Ayurveda which measures the beneficial and harmful, the happy and unhappy, the wholesome and unwholesome factors of life and the lifespan.” Caraka Samhita I/41 Although certainly not for the first time in its history, …

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In Nepal, An Ayurvedic Practitioner Seeks Support

We came across this heartfelt message on Facebook. Kay (Savita) Brownfield, director of the non-profit The Growing Edge circulated a letter seeking support for earthquake survivors in Nepal. The Growing Edge financially supports the Devi Ma Kunja Ayurveda Hospital in Sidapole, Nepal (pictured right). The hospital is operated by selfless …

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