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Excessive Sweating Causes (Hyperhidrosis) + Ayurvedic Treatments, Remedies

excessive sweating

Sweating or perspiration is a normal bodily process. All mammals including humans have sweat glands in the skin that secrete a liquid called sweat. Sweat is mostly water along with trace amounts of electrolytes and minerals like sodium and potassium. Excessive sweating can have various causes but Ayurveda has remedies …

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All About Shilajit: What It Is, Where It’s Found, What It Looks Like, Types of Shilajit, Pure Shilajit, How To Take Shilajit

All About Shilajit: What It Is, Where It's Found, Pure Shilajit, Shilajit Dosage

The word Shilajit is composed of two parts. “Shila” means rock and ”jit” means having won. So it literally means ‘conqueror of the mountains’. It is a blackish-brown material of variable consistency that exudes from layers of rocks. It surfaces in the summer season emerging through cracks or cervices in …

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