Bitter Melon Stir-Fry Recipe + Bitter Melon Tacos

Bitter melon or bitter gourd (karela in Hindi) is a bitter, dark green vegetable with prickly points all over it. It cleanses the liver and is known to be beneficial for those with hyperglycemia and Type 2 Diabetes.

According to esteemed Ayurvedic practitioner Vasant Lad, ‘Bitter is better for the liver.’

In India, bitter melon is traditionally served as a side dish with Indian flat tortillas known as rotis or chappatis. Here is a traditional stir-fry recipe and a fun variation for bitter melon tacos.

Shopping for Bitter Melon

A few notes about bitter melon. You’ll find this vegetable in asian grocery stores and some super markets. When selecting bitter melon choose ones that look tender. If you find it has really pink seeds inside that means it’s over-ripe. Scoop out the seeds and toss them in the trash. Brown seeds are okay.

Now enjoy the video demonstration and let us know how your tacos turn out!



Sapna Punjabi-Gupta is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of Naivedhya. She conducts interactive cooking workshops, wellness lectures, and has a retail line of heirloom spices blends and products. Her YouTube Channel, @Be.Spiced, provides informative cooking tutorials, easy and healthy recipes, food and spice adventures and practical lifestyle tips by integrating western nutritional science and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for modern living.

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  1. Thank you for this clever and delicious-looking recipe. I love bitter melon, but it’s nearly impossible to find where I live. Any suggestions for an alternative?


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