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Can Ayurveda Treat Osteoporosis?

Ayurvedic Line of Treatment:

  • To Stop Causes
  • To Treat the imbalance of Vata Dosha
  • To break pathology of Osteoporosis
  • To increase life span of bone tissue
  • If Osteoporosis is along with fracture, first aim is to heal fractures

Internal Medicine:

  • We use some specific herbal medicine in the form of dried powder, tablet or capsules which enhances calcium absorption
  • We enhance the property of stickiness of bone tissue
  • We increase life span of bone tissues

Body Detoxification:

  • To balance all Doshas and Dhatus, we use Panchakarma therapy which is known as detoxification therapy.
  • Some therapies like Basti (Enema) are used for cleansing purposes

Other Treatment Therapies :

    –  Abhyanga: Oleation therapy (Body massage & steam)
    –  It Prevents ageing
    –  Removes stress
    –  Nourishes body
    –  Prevents dehydration of skin
    –  Yoga
    –  Diet

According to Ayurveda, milk is a good source of calcium, but its ingestion and absorption depends on each individual. So we add some medicine like zinger with milk.

Pournimaa Kale is an Ayurvedic expert with B. A. M. S. and Diploma in Yog and Ayurved (D.Y.A.). She holds a private Ayurveda Practice at ShivSamarth Ayurved Clinic, with Panchakarma facility in Pune, India.


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