Rekha Kumar Naidu

Rekha Kumar Naidu is the chief Ayurveda consultant and proprietor of Deepam Ayurveda panchakarma centre, Chennai. She is an Ayurveda graduate with panchakarma diploma, specializing in lifestyle counseling and panchakarma. She has been awarded the Jeevaka award for academic excellence by the Himalaya pharmaceuticals. A successful practitioner in both India and Malaysia, she speaks in Tamil channels about Ayurveda, lifestyle and women's health and has contributed articles to various magazines and websites.

Ayurveda On Sex: Health Benefits, Seasonal Sex, Post-Sex Regimen + Ayurvedic Aphrodisiacs

In Ayurveda sex or abramacharya as it is known, is given due importance for maintaining one’s mental and physical health. Sex is considered one of the three aspects of life which maintain health, along with diet and sleep.1 Abramcharya is a controlled and disciplined manner of sexual intercourse which helps …

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