Kanak Rawat, BAMS

Kanak Rawat, BAMS has graduated from Himalayaiyi Ayurvedic Medical College And Hospital, Dehradun, India. She has 5 years clinical experience treating a variety of diseases through Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle guidance and herbs. She has done a post graduate certificate course in Panchakarma from The National Research Institute Of Panchkarma, Cheruthuruthy, Kerala, India. She has a post graduate diploma in Yoga sciences from DevSanskriti University, Haridwar. She specializes in Panchkarma, joint disorders and infertility treatment through Ayurveda.

Shatavari Benefits, Shatavari Root Powder Uses + Side Effects

List of shatavari benefits, shatavari benefits are numerous. Learn more about its side effects, dosage, and shatavari root powder

For centuries, shatavari has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its medicinal benefits. Let’s look at shatavari benefits, shatavari root powder uses, shatavari side effects, shatavari dosage, and how to take shatavari. There’s no doubt why this amazing herb is known as the ‘Queen of herbs’. Shatavari benefits are numerous, particularly …

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Ayurvedic Oil: Everything You Need To Know

For centuries, Ayurvedic medicine has given immense importance to unctuous or oily substances. Specially prepared Ayurvedic oil has various nutritional and therapeutic benefits. These benefits depend on the properties of the oil and the medicinal herbs used, as well as the application of the oil, whether internally or externally. As …

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