Divya Chauhan, BAMS

Divya Chauhan (BAMS) is a qualified, compassionate Healthcare Ayurveda Counselor, and Health & Wellness blogger. Holding a great academic career and experience of working as an Ayurveda Physician by supporting the holistic approach of treatment modalities on a global scale by nurturing a vibrant lifestyle.

Garbhasanskar: Ancient Ayurvedic Practices For Pregnancy + Yoga, Diet For Pregnancy

Garbhasanskar: Ayurvedic Practices For Pregnancy + Yoga For Pregnancy

What Is Garbhasanskar? The Sanskrit word garbh means fetus in the womb and sanskar means educating the mind. So, garbhasanskar essentially means educating the mind of the fetus with certain pregnancy practices and routines. Of all the four ashramas (stages) of life, grihastha ashram (household life), is the best one with …

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Ama Nidana: Causes + Symptoms Of Undigested Food And Metabolic Toxins

ama nidana undigested food symptoms causes

What Is Ama? The word ‘ama’ is the combination of ‘am’ dhatu (tissue) with ‘nich’ pratyaya1. Ama is a Sanskrit term for ahaar (food) that is absorbed into the system without being properly digested. The word ama found in Ayurvedic medical literature basically means incompletely fermented and unripened substances.2 The …

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