Colette Jyothi Park

Colette is an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner working full-time within the Ayurvedic field since 2010. She holds a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Ayurveda and an MSc in Clinical Nutrition. Colette currently enjoys giving Ayurvedic consultations, herbal prescriptions and a wide range of therapeutic treatments in London, UK. She also lectures on Ayurvedic theory and practice and writes Ayurvedic copy for various media.

Sciatica Pain: 4 Ayurvedic Treatments For Sciatica Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Ayyurveda treatments for sciatica pain relief

Ayurveda offers a range of natural treatments for sciatica and lower back pain. Ayurvedic remedies and treatments for sciatica pain relief are mentioned in this article. Lower back pain and sciatica are common disorders affecting up to 80% of people during their lifetime.1 According to Ayurveda, the lower back is …

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