Parmeshwar Arora, BAMS

Parmeshwar Arora, BAMS is a renowned Ayurvedic doctor and lifestyle coach who has been treating patients and coaching people for the last twenty+ years. Presently he is Senior Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and heads his organization Ath Ayurdhamah located in Gurgaon. Through his practice, he is taking care of the health and well-being of thousands every year. Arora's research work about the correct consumption of water has been recognized and appreciated across India and also in some other countries. His work is also published in the form of a book- "Water - Elixir or Poison?" (In Hindi - जल- अमृत या विष?) .

Medhya Rasayana: Ayurveda For Cognitive Health + Natural Nootropics, Brain Herbs

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The Ayurvedic Solution To Maintaining Nervous Health With the kind of lifestyles that people follow these days, mental health and nervous system issues have become commonplace. Ayurveda offers an ideal solution –medhya rasayanas (Ayurvedic nootropics). Common issues people face nowadays include anxiety, depression, unnecessary stress, and mood swings. While conventional psychotropic …

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