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3 Popular Meditations For Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)

In countries where there is limited sunshine during the winter people can suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD). SAD usually starts in the fall and begins to lift as daytime hours begin to lengthen in the spring. This could be about a four to six month period of low energy, lack of motivation and sadness.

This is a huge chunk of the year so if you suffer from it or know somebody who does you are likely looking for some help!

Here’s three spiritual and holistic techniques that you can use to help you with SAD. I learned these meditations from the system of Ayurveda which is ancient beyond our knowing so I am sure you will find some relief with them.

I have tried and tested many techniques as a holistic therapist over the years and these are the three most popular with my clients who suffer from SAD.

1. Love Your Third Eye

3 Popular Meditations For Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)The third eye or area between your eyebrows is the seat of the pineal gland. This gland is responsible for the storage of sun energy according to Ayurveda. It regulates sleep cycles and brings balance to the opposites of light and dark. When this centre is loved and cared for you will find that your mind feels more optimistic and inspired.

I love to use the essential oils of lime and vetiver to awaken and soothe the mind. You could also use rose only to gently awaken your mind or a drop of marigold or calendula to bring the warmth of the sun in.

Massage this sacred space between your eyebrows gently. Allow your eyes to gently roll upward with your lids closed to help stimulate the flow of solar energy into your mind, heart and body. Enjoy the reconnection to your joy.

2. Practice in the light

If you have a yoga or exercise practice it is suggested in Ayurveda to practice in the sunshine during the winter months. Find the sunniest place in your home and make sure that your skin is bare so that you can absorb the light. Practice your savasana or resting pose near your sunniest window with the least amount of clothes you are comfortable with. Absorb the sun’s loving rays.

3. Let the Sunshine In

This is my favorite of the SAD practices!

Sit in front of a sunny window, or, if your climate permits, sit outside facing the sun. The rising sun is best for this exercise but if you’re not a morning person any time will do.

3 Popular Meditations For Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)
Hold a fluorite crystal up to a light to amplify the energy. Photo: Christine Machiraju

Lift your face to the sun and allow the warmth of the sun to fall on the area of your third eye. Now, just allow it to stream into you! Visualize the warmth flowing into your entire body, filling your mind and pouring into your heart. Fill yourself up and overflow with the warm, inspiring, invigorating light of the sun. Whisper your gratitude in your heart over and over for this illumination.

To amplify the energy you can use a fluorite crystal. Hold your crystal up and look at the sun through it. Then, close your eyes and feel the light dancing through the crystal into you!

The fluorite will bring the rays of inspiration and release of sadness and you will feel renewed. What a beautiful dance of nature this is.

May you enjoy these methods of bringing the light into your life.

Photos: Unsplash.com

I have been in the healing arts for the past 20 years. I started learning yoga at the age of 12 and was fascinated with our body, our mind and our aura! I went to India at the age of 22 and studied yoga, classical dance and Ayurveda. My bliss is helping people find harmony in all areas of life so they can strive to fulfill their higher mission on this planet!

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