AYURVEDIC Understanding of Disease & HEALTH

The Ayurvedic Understanding of Disease and Health is based mainly on the study of:

1) Hetu (causative Factors): ayurvedic understanding
The main causative factors are the result of improper application of intelligence, inappropriate use of the sensory faculties and disturbed qualities of the seasons.

2) Linga (signs and symptoms):
Ayurveda gives a detailed account of signs and symptoms of diseases including the interplay of the Doshas, the stage of the disease and the prognosis of the disease.

3) Aushad (therapeutic management of diseases and health):
These measures again are divided into two categories. The first includes the measures for a healthy individual to maintain his health. The second includes the measures to help a person recover from a disease. Ayurveda emphasizes prevention first, and then early treatment of the diseases.

All of the knowledge of AYURVEDA revolves around these three aspects of Health and Disease.

P.S. Always to your Happiness & Health

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