Finally, a Detox System that Fits YOUR Unique Nature - NOT Another One-Size-Fits-All Fad Approach That Further Disrupts the Balance of Your Health

Learn How to Apply the Time-Tested Ayurvedic Science of Detoxification to Remove Toxins from Your Body, Restore Your Digestive Intelligence, and Address the Root Cause of Most Disease Pathologies

Important: If you don't know the exact signs of toxin build up in your body, you need to watch the video below to learn if your body is urgently calling for detoxification.

  •  How to tell if you have an excess of Ama (digestive toxins)
  •  How to uncover the Dosha or Doshic combination that Ama is disrupting in you
  •  How to restore your digestive intelligence
  •  How to do a “Doshic Detox
  •  Not just foods, but Ayurvedic remedies to correct Doshic disturbances in the gut
  •  An in-depth look at healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Do you remember a time in the past when you were able to eat almost anything without consequence? 

But likely, over time, you noticed that more and more foods gave you some trouble, affecting your digestion, elimination, and energy… causing symptoms of allergy or intolerance… or accumulating as excess weight. 

While this experience is entirely common and “normal”, it reveals and underlying loss of “digestive intelligence” – your body’s ability to properly digest food, nourish the tissues of the body, and effectively remove waste products. 

Ayurveda describes this process as the root cause of nearly all disease pathologies. 

The Bad News 

The longer you go without understanding and addressing this process, the more toxins you’ll accumulate, which deepen the potential pathology of damage and disease in your body. 

The Good News 

This pathology is within your control, and the Ayurvedic approach to detoxification teaches you how to reverse this process, remove deep-seating toxins, and restore your digestive intelligence. 

A Natural State of Health 

When your digestive intelligence is restored: 

  • You’re able to eat food without experiencing digestive upsets like gas, bloating, nausea, heaviness, or hyperacidity. 
  • Your elimination is regular and comfortable with a well-formed stool, and your breath, mouth, and tongue are clean and fresh. 
  • Your energy and mood remain calm and stable, and your mind feels alert and clear. 
  • Any unhealthy extra fat begins to shed naturally

How Can You Restore Your Digestive Intelligence? 

  • Ayurveda provides a unique system to assess the current level and type of Ama (toxins) that are in your body. 
  • Based on these findings, specific dietary guidelines are indicated to balance the doshas, reverse the unhealthy disease process, remove toxins, and restore digestive intelligence. 

To provide step-by-step expert education and instruction for this process, The Ayurveda Experience is delighted to offer you our new course:

Ayurvedic Detox
This is Ayurvedic Detox

In this program, you’ll finally get a sustainable and scientific detox system that is based on your unique nature and needs, delivered via High Definition video to you by an Ayurvedic practitioner who has over 20 years of clinical experience.

Meet Dr. Kristine Jerome...

“Ayurveda landed in my lap about two decades ago. I was meditating, the concept was presented and I started studying. It was a simple decision that transformed my life. Since that time my existence has catapulted into a great exploration of Ayurveda and Ancient Medicinal Sciences that support life in all its natural forms. I have studied with great Masters - learning profound skills from those passed on through the Lineage of Physicians of Buddha; learning energetics from Marmashakti Masters; visiting Shamans in the Himalaya's; sharing knowledge with wise men of Ladakh and Darjeeling; learning through practice and discipline and meeting the most extraordinary people along the way.”

Kristine is an Ayurveda practitioner, a herbal medicine specialist and has a doctorate in Psychology. She has over 20 years of clinical experience and has studied Ayurvedic sciences extensively, both in India and Australia. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda and Integrative Healing and runs a three-year internationally accredited program in Ayurveda and Integrative Healing. She does this alongside a very busy clinic that uses Integrative Healthcare Practices to restore health and bring balance to patient's lives.

What is unique and wonderful about Kristine’s approach to practicing Ayurveda is her use of specific Ayurvedic tools and techniques to make an impact in your everyday life. Techniques like pulse reading, deep cleansing, and energetic healing that Kristine uses in her clinical practice to make very real impacts in stubborn conditions, such as:  

  • Hormonal Imbalances 
  • Arthritis 
  • Emotional Trauma 
  • Autism 
  • Asthma 
  • And Autoimmune disorders
  • and lifestyle conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension

Here’s a look into the contents of this 2 hours and 16 minutes long course and what you’ll learn:

This course explores the process of detoxification. This Ayurvedic practice aims to eliminate toxins and restore healthy tissues. In this exploration, the course looks at the way toxins accumulate in the body and the core systems and organs involved. 

As part of this discussion, a detailed investigation of the digestive system is provided and the concept of Digestive Intelligence is discussed. When Digestive Intelligence is functioning well, then toxins are eliminated, energy and immunity is high, stagnation is absent, mental agility is high and unhealthy fat is removed naturally. 

The course then provides a step-by-step guide to restore Digestive Intelligence. This set of instructions includes dietary recommendations, a weekly Western menu plan and everyday practical tasks with the aim of allowing the body to let go of accumulated toxins and bring the digestive system into balance. 

Once the digestive system is operating correctly, toxins lodged deep within the tissues can be removed. The first step in this process is the detoxification of the digestive system and the restoration of Digestive Intelligence. 

This Ayurvedic process balances and strengthens the digestive and metabolic processes by bringing the doshas into harmony and removing the root cause of accumulation, stagnation and disease manifestation

Ayurveda understands that improper diet results in the accumulation of disease. 

1. What is Detoxification?

This module will give you a working definition for detoxification and its role in keeping bodies healthy.

2. Digestion and the Doshas

This module will show the importance of a healthy digestive system, the involvement of the Ayurvedic doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - and the role of Digestive Intelligence. 

3. Restoring Digestive Intelligence 

This module is practical advice for your everyday life, including dietary recommendations, Ayurvedic home remedies, and simple tasks for your daily routine. 

4. Detoxification explained 

In this module, you’ll learn about your digestive intelligence, what impairs this intelligence and how and why to correct it. You’ll also discover the relationship between weight loss and digestion, the causes and effects of constipation and inefficient elimination, and the causes for toxin formation in the body. 

5. Restoring Digestion 

This module will review why detoxification of the digestive system is important. You’ll learn how to rekindle your digestive fire, and restore digestive strength. You’ll discover incompatible food groups to avoid, which foods in particular to eat and not eat, and a detailed sample eating regime with its benefits. 

6. Demonstration session 

In this module, Dr. Kristine will give real life examples of imbalances and disease manifestations such as the aggravation of Vata resulting in constipation, the imbalance of Pitta resulting in acidity, reflux and skin diseases, the accumulation of Kapha resulting in cysts. 

7. The digestive disorder of IBS 

This module will get into a detailed exploration of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, its causes and development from an Ayurvedic perspective, and the steps one can take to restore balance. 

8. Eating Responsibly 

In this module you’ll learn all about eating mindfully, what kind of meats to avoid, foods that build your Ojas (immunity and life force), and the classification of Sattvic, Tamasic, and Rajasic foods and their effects on your body, mind, and emotions. 

9. Detox Expanded 

In this final module, you’ll learn all about the Ayurvedic stages of digestion, the need for regular detoxification, the full spectrum that “detox” can include, the production of “Ama” during digestion, how improper digestion is precursor to disease, and the specific harm that toxins can cause to the body. 

Where else can you find such a complete exploration of the Ayurvedic science of detoxification in a beautiful, easy-to-follow, high definition video? 

This program with 2 hours & 16 minutes of powerful content is one of the most important investments you can make for your health and your life.

AND – as part of our Introductory Offer, you’ll also get an entire menu plan for a week of detox foods. 

FREE Gift #1: Ayurvedic Detoxification Text Companion

This 62-page book accompanies the video course to help you get a concrete overview of what Kristine will be teaching you.  

You can continue your progress in the program even if you don’t have a device handy to watch the course, or you can watch the program and meanwhile follow along in the book.

You can use the text companion for a quick reference or to jot down your own notes and thoughts while you’re following the program so you can create your very own personal summary with the concepts you found most important! 

FREE Gift #2: Weekly Menu Plan 

Get a detailed protocol of meals for breakfast, tea, lunch, and dinner to support Agni (digestive fire), balance digestion, and promote detoxification. 

A menu full of meals, snacks and drink throughout the day - every day!
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Today, there are innumerable fad diets and detox programs being promoted by the health experts and on the cover of every magazine. 

But only Ayurveda takes the approach of understanding your unique qualities and addressing detoxification within within the framework of your total relationship with nature and the laws built into your digestive intelligence.  

If you’ve tried “cleansing” in the past, but have had unsatisfactory results… or if you’ve suspected for a while that you need to detox, but have felt overwhelmed with where to begin… 

…let Dr. Kristine guide you through a safe, natural, gentle, and time-tested scientific approach to detoxification rooted in a practical understanding of the digestive intelligence that nature has already built into your body and life. 

That intelligence has been uncovered. You don’t need to add anything new, but simply remove the obstructions to that natural intelligence. 

What’s kind of experience does Digestive Intelligence support? 

Again, here are some of the key indicators that this intelligence is being uncovered: 

  •  You’re able to eat food without experiencing digestive upsets like gas, bloating, nausea, heaviness, or hyperacidity. 
  •  Your elimination is regular and comfortable with a well-formed stool, and your breath, mouth, and tongue are clean and fresh. 
  •  Your energy and mood remain calm and stable, and your mind feels alert and clear. 
  •  And any unhealthy extra fat begins to shed naturally. 

There’s no “guess work” or imagination involved. Your body gives you absolute indicators of your state of health OR the accumulation of toxins and disease. 


There is not one, but many reasons for you to begin with this course, not just today, but right away:

Cost Advantage

Of course, the cost advantage with the introductory discount is huge and why would you not want to study such an interesting, in-depth and useful program and also get to save so much off your investment? 

The cost of consulting with Dr. Kristine directly would obviously far exceed the investment in this course, and yet, when you watch these videos, Dr. Kristine will give you her best in an organized step-by-step structure.


If you have a busy schedule or other practical limitations, other classes might be too far away, too expensive or impractical due to time constraints. With this course, you face none of these issues - you learn where you want to, when you want to and at a price which is really affordable. 

(Doubt that? Check out the prices of courses around and calculate the investment you need to make in terms of money and time, and of course, the ambiguity of the quality of content that you’ll get. The cost of making all the effort of going to a class only to find little to learn or implement, well… is huge.) 

Easy Access

Get instant HD access to the course on The Ayurveda Experience platform. Simply log in and access all your courses anytime. Watch them on any device: desktop, smartphone and tablet. You can easily download the videos to your device so you can watch them without internet connection. Watch your course in the comfort of your home or while you're on the go! 


Also, most importantly, finding a real, authentic practitioner with years of clinical experience is challenging. Not only does Dr. Kristine offer you this, but she is coming from the Ayurvedic perspective. So instead of cobbling together bits and pieces of research to create a quick order “detox system,” she rests in the thousands-year old science of Ayurveda that modern science only continues to verify with new discoveries. 

Kristine's personal message

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60 days money back guarantee. This recognized author provides 100% satisfaction!
Get the Silver version now: instant access to the digital course online!
Get the Gold version now to get the DVD and course summary delivered to your doorstep for free!
Get the Platinum version now: instant access to the online course AND get the DVD delivered to your doorstep for free!