AYURVEDA: Prakruti

PRAKRUTI – it is your Constitution or natural State of Balance.

The constitution we get from birth forms the basis of our physical growth and physiological and metabolic activities and mental make up. We should just know how to live with it, how best to stay in balance. It’s only when this personal balance of our doshas gets disturbed that we fall sick. And the dosha which is most predominant in our prakruti is obviously the most vulnerable.

The body will always yearn to achieve its natural state of balance every time it is faced with factors that cause it to become out of balance.
There are Factors that influence the Prakruti.
These include:

  • The mental state of our parents at the time of conception.
  • Genetic factors, including if someone comes from a family is proficient in art, music, teaching, or science. These traits can be passed down through generations.
  • Our age. Because we are so influenced by Kapha in childhood, Pitta in adulthood and Vata as we are older this can mask our original Prakruti.
  • Our ethnicity and nationality. People from various parts of the world have particular features associated with their country of origin.
  • The time of day and the season in which we were conceived.

P.S.  to your eternal Health & Happiness 

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