Our Body is thought to be a conglomerate of the five basic elements that the cosmos is thought to be composed of as per Indian Philosophy: Air, Space, Fire, Water & Earth. This body when combined with sense organs, mind and spirit takes the form of Life.

AYURVEDA believes that life is not just the beating of a heart and respiration going on in a body. The sense organs which are further divided into 5 sense organs and 5 action organs are responsible for gathering knowledge, communication and our actions.

The 5 sense organs, or in Sanskrit The ‘Jnanendriyas’ are: the ears – to hear, the kin – to feel, the eyes – to see, the tongue – to taste and the nose – to smell.
The 5 action organs, or in Sanskrit the 5 karmendriyas are: the hands – to work, the legs – to walk, the anus – to eliminate wastes, the tongue and organs of speech – to speak and communicate, and genitals for sexual activity, urination and procreation.

A happy life is an existing state of body at a fundamental level when there is a pervading sense of well being of body and mind which is the result following an Ayurvedic Lifestyle. The opposite of that is unhappy life.
Our goal is to live an appropriate life and a happy life. Ayurveda shows us how to do that by providing the knowledge about the most suitable food, lifestyle and medicines. It’s also important to know about the unsuitable food, lifestyle and medicines that lay the foundation of an inappropriate and unhappy life. That way we can make the best decisions for ourselves.

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