Satva or Mind is the subtle basis mindand abode of ego, perception, intellect and memory. It is not actually the physical brain, but a subtle force. The mind operates at two levels and performs various functions:

The first level is the Subconscious – At this level the mind stores the experiences gathered through the previous lives (Ayurveda believes in rebirth theory or reincarnation) as well as the current life that determines the beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and emotions of an individual.

The second level is the Conscious – At this level the mind exhibits following functions:

  • Willingness, determination, reasoning and discovery, intelligence and emotions like anger, greed etc.
  • It acts as a messenger to take sensory inputs from sense organs to the brain.
  • It processes the knowledge that has been gathered through sense organs.

We can understand how important it is to have a sound mind because without one, the body with its 10 sense and action organs will have a meaningless life. Both Body & Mind are vulnerable to respective diseases.

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