Another Legend attributes AYURVEDA to Dhanvantari who emerged out of the Ksheera Sagar or the Ocean of Milk. The Legend of ‘Samudramanthan’ or the Churning of the Ocean tells the tale of the Demons and the Gods who came together to obtain Ambrosia or the Elixir of Immortality and in the process emerged, Lord Dhanvantari with herbs in one hand and Ambrosia in the other!

Dhanvantari is known as the Father of AYURVEDA, or the Hindu God of Medicine. It is said that simply remembering Dhanvantari, holding his image in mind, brings the removal of all physical suffering. His right hand is raised in the mudra indicating fearlessness. He holds a pot of ambrosia, which represents physical health, well being, and long life. When you are studying Ayurveda, it is traditional to keep Dhanvantari somewhere nearby, as he will help with your mastery of the medical sciences and bless you with spiritual knowledge and liberation.

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