AYURVEDA: Healthy Body

AYURVEDA defines life as a conglomerate of Body, Mind, Senses & Soul.
They are inseparably connected to each other by the life force called ‘Prana”. Ayurveda explains that the human body is the only means by which we can meet All four of our primary goals in this lifetime, which are:

  • Dharma – that which maintains society through righteous acts, or our life’s purpose,
  • Artha – the various materialistic pursuits that we take on as a natural consequence of being human,
  • Kama – all the pleasures that come with being human and being connected to the world through our five senses,
  • Moksha – the ultimate liberation of the soul

So, the human body reigns supreme when it comes to the objective of Ayurveda – ‘the science of life’ because without a healthy body life would be meaningless.
The existence and sustenance of this body is thought to be dependent upon the three ‘Pillars’ of life.

The major ‘pillars’ as per Ayurveda being the Three physiological Forces, the three Doshas, Vata , Pitta & Kapha. In addition, the normal functioning of the body and life force is dependent upon three other ‘sub pillars’ namely, Food, Sleep & Activity (meaning our relationships, work, and self-control).
Food as we can see is the foremost amongst the ‘Sub pillars’ of the Life Force. Food is the major source for continuation of the life process. We as humans are the result of the food we eat. A wholesome and balanced diet is required to support the body and the life force to realize our optimum physical and mental potential.

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