AYURVEDA & Digestive Process

Food plays a big role in the AYURVEDIC Lifestyle Routine. Ayurveda teaches us that food is basically medicine. It says: “When diet is poor, medicine is of no use. When diet is good, medicine is of no need.”


There are three parts to the Digestive Process that are important: digestion of food, assimilation of food, and elimination of food. When our digestion is efficient, the rest follows more easily, we get the optimal benefit from our food and we are more in Balance. There is a Vedic Expression that basically says that If our Digestion is strong, our bodies can turn poison into nectar, but if our Digestion is weak, the body can turn nectar into poison.

The digestive fire is called “Agni” in Sanskrit. Ayurveda offers the following Guidelines to all of us who want to boost our Agni, and improve our Digestion:

  • Sit down while you eat. Eat in a quiet atmosphere. Focus on the food; do not read or watch TV as you eat.
  • Don’t rush through meals or linger over them too long.
  • Eat meals at approximately the same times every day.
  • Stop eating before you are completely full.
  • Allow approximately 3 to 6 hours between meals for digestion.
  • Eat when you are hungry, when the stomach is empty.
  • Sip warm water or juice with meals. Drink milk separately from meals, either alone or with other sweet foods.
  • Avoid ice-cold food and beverages.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes after eating.

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