AYURVEDA: Different Types of Daily Self-Massage

AYURVEDA recommends Abhyanga, amassage Daily Self-Massage. Here some different Types of massages that you can apply in your Daily Routine.

Ayurveda Dry massage:
For Kapha personalities having lot of Kapha dominance or if the weather is too humid a massage can be done using raw silk gloves. This massage is called “Garshan” and the gloves are known as Garshan gloves. Another option for a dry massage is to use a paste of ‘Trifla’ powder made in warm water and let dry and then rub it off using the same massage strokes. For head and face bare hands have to be used. To enhance the effect the dry massage can be done in the direction opposite to the body hair.
Contraindications of Massage:
There are times when it is best NOT to have a massage. Massage is contraindicated in a person having a cold, skin infections, great emaciation, Kapha diseases, inflamed joints, indigestion, acidity, fever of recent origin (massage is indicated in chronic fevers), vomiting and/or diarrhea. This is because massage mobilises the toxins. In all these conditions the body has toxins which are localised in the diseased area. So massaging at this point will spread the toxins systemically and also increase the toxins locally thus worsening the condition.

head massageThe Ayurvedic Head massage:
Ayurveda recommends a head massage at least twice in a week. A head massage helps to treat diseases pertaining to head region, nourishes the sense organs, brings luster to the face, and helps to make the hair thick, long and strong. The Head is one of the secondary places of vata dosha. A head massage with oil calms Vata and helps relieve headaches and insomnia

Ayurvedic Foot Massage:foot massage
A foot massage alleviates roughness, stiffness, numbness, cracks of heels and fatigue of the feet. It also promotes suppleness and stability to feet and make them strong. It increases visual acuity, and calms the Vata dosha. A foot massage also helps to ameliorate diseases like sciatica and other vata disorders. The foot massage should be done exclusively for 15 minutes once in a week or more if your time permits.

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