3 Types of Pranayama

Different types of Pranayama have different effects on our health. The right choice of Pranayama depends on many factors such as body constitution, season, purpose etc.
There are many different Types of Pranayama, let’s look at three of it:

1. Alternate Nostril Breathing Pranayamapranayama
This exercise is good for All three Doshas.
– Begin by sitting with your back straight. Be comfortable, either on the floor or in a chair.
– Take your right hand thumb, and with it, close your right nostril.
– Inhale through your left nostril, deep into the diaphragm. Hold it for a moment.
– Close your left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand.
– Exhale through your right nostril. Hold it a moment.
– Inhale through your right nostril. Hold it a moment.
– Close your right nostril with your right thumb and begin the sequence again.
You can do this exercise for 8-10 “rounds” and will notice an increase in your energy level, and feel like you have a clearer mind.

2. Cooling Pranayama
This exercise is particularly good for Pittas.
– Curl your tongue into a tube shape and stick it out a little. If you can’t curl your tongue, then part your lips, keeping your teeth together, and put your tongue up against your teeth.
– Inhale through your mouth, allowing the air to pass over your tongue.
– Draw your tongue in and close your mouth.
– Swallow.
– Exhale through the nose, keeping the mouth closed

3. Breath of Fire Pranayamabreathing woman
This exercise is good for both Vatas & Kaphas.
– Inhale gently through the nose.
– Exhale through the nose more actively, with more strength, almost like you’re blowing something out your nose.
– Inhale gently again.
– Blow out through the nose again.
– Start out slowly, then gradually increase your speed. The idea is to sound like a train moving slowly at first, and then picking up speed. Practice one round of 20-30 exhales, then rest for a minute or so. You can practice up to five rounds at a time, twice a day.

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