10 Bad Habits You’ve Gotten Into

A lot of modern health concerns today are linked to the problems that are a result of little everyday choices and habits that stack up and lead to disease. And most of these problems are preventable. Ayurveda’s time-tested health-promoting wisdom sheds light on why the following habits can actually harm us.

1. You stay up too late. Ayurveda says that it is best antique clockto get to bed by 10 pm. This is when Pitta time starts. When we go to bed before 10 pm we have the energy of Kapha working for us. Kapha energy is slow, relaxed & mellow. It helps us to fall asleep more easily. If we stay up past 10 pm we’re into Pitta time, which is “work” time – it’s more sharp, and it stimulates our thinking, it’s harder to turn off our brain.

2. You eat yogurt & fruit as a healthy snack. how-to-make-yogurt-1In Ayurveda fruit should always be eaten by itself, and never combined with dairy. This combo wreaks havoc on our digestion. Have yogurt alone, or fruit alone, but never put the two together.

3. You eat your largest meal in the evening. The digestive fire is strongest around noon, so it is best for our digestion to eat our largest meal at lunchtime. This also gives us more hours in the day to assimilate that meal and burn those calories. If we eat too late at night we don’t have ample opportunity to digest and it’s harder to get to sleep.

4. You wake up & check your messages. First thing in the morning is the best time to meditate, to transition into your day. Going straight to technology is abrupt, you’re setting out with stress and probably getting so busy you forget to meditate. Meditate first and the rest of the day falls into place nicely.

5. You avoid the sun. Holed up in an workoffice all day you can sometimes forget what time it is. At times the only light that shines on your face is the glare of a computer monitor. Make sure you take some time for fresh air and sunshine. It’s healing, balancing, and grounding to get outside and back to nature, even for a little bit.


ice-cream6. You eat ice cream for dessert. It’s not bad to have a little something after a meal – but ice cream is cold and totally puts out the digestive fire that you desperately need. Better to eat something warm and cooked, just a small bite to polish off that meal. And if you’re going to have a full-on dessert, have it after lunch rather than after dinner, so that you have more time to digest.

7. You exercise until you’re worn out. That “no pain, no gain” mentality has been drilled into us, but it’s actually counterproductive. When we get worn out, it takes longer to recuperate. Ayurveda tells us to exercise to ½ to ¾ of our capacity, crossfitand gradually that capacity will increase. Stop exercising while you still have some energy left to recover.

8. You don’t exercise enough. It’s important to move your body every day. The amount you move will vary individually by your Dosha, but walking is good for everyone, and yoga is good for everyone. Work one of these into your daily routine and then also practice the exercise routine recommended for your Dosha.

9. You’re on your computer up until bedtime.woman on the bed Technology like the computer or television stimulates the brain, making it more difficult to drift off into a relaxed state before sleep. Ayurveda says to use the hour or two before bed to transition into sleep by taking a bath, reading, listening to music, doing restorative yoga poses, or spending time with your family or pets.

cleaning tongue10. You’re not cleaning your mouth. Sure, you’re brushing your teeth, but are you cleaning your tongue? Ayurveda recommends using a tongue scraper to help get rid of all that bacteria that builds up in your mouth. There is more and more evidence about the mouth/body connection, and how bacteria in the mouth can cause gum disease, which can lead to heart disease. Keep your mouth, and your breath, as clean and fresh as possible with this simple tool.

Following AYURVEDA’s Health Wisdom will truly change your life in countless, amazing ways. Try give up even just one of these points and you will start to see and feel the difference for yourself.

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